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Gift certificates for the holidays or any day! 
Give the gift of Healing!
* Can include messages from spirit or deceased loved ones.

$100.00 for one hour relaxing massage or energy healing. Or choose special package pricing for big savings!
Buy 3 one hour healing sessions up front for a savings of $45.00!
$255.00 for 3 hours of healing. Sessions must be completed within 3 months of purchase giving you the opportunity for 1 session a month or more often if you choose.

Distance Healing available too! $100.00
Just as effective as being right with you, I can connect with your energy from anywhere.

Call 949-293-9158
What's New?

Speaking at Mother's Market
Feb. 13th, 6:30 pm
Heart, Health & Happiness!
151 E. Memory Lane
Santa Ana, CA

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 Meet the Deb's Radio Show is now on every
Tuesday evening 8 pm - 10 pm pacific time!
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Reiki Level One $150 & Level Two $275
Contact me for the location!

AND Reiki !!! What is Reiki?
Dr. Oz says "Try it"
霊気 Reiki is a universal life force energy and ancient healing practice from Japan which heals, harmonizes and balances on every level.

Meditation, Reiki Share, Subtle Body Classes & Aromatherapy Workshops too!!! Always available for private healing sessions as well. Offering free 15 minute Mediumship or Psychic readings prior to any healing, massage or Reiki session upon request at time of making appointment.

Distance healing is also available. Just as effective as being right with you, I can connect with your energy anywhere. I can speak to you via phone or Skype during the session.
Now accepting credit cards!     
(949) 293-9158

Reiki Share /Energy Healing Share $20

All are welcome! Come for a healing or come to share your Reiki gifts! Have some fun and enjoy the company of like minded people. Call if you have any questions 949-293-9158
Every Monday night (except Monday holidays)
7 PM - 9 PM
18271 McDurmott West
Suite H
Irvine, CA 92614

Reiki One $150
Coming in March
12 noon until 5 PM
Location: School for Multidimensional Healing Arts and Sciences

Reiki Two $275
To be announced!

Meditation (new dates to be announced)
$20 Bring your life back into balance & experience clarity.

Subtle Body (energetics of the human energy field)
Dates and fees for this class to be determined.

(dates to be announced)
$100 materials fee and $25.00 a class for 6 weeks.
New dates to be announced.

Registration includes oils kit, manual & some mixing containers. Advanced registration required.

Reiki Level One (Recommended by Dr. Oz)
Reiki Level One has the potential to provide comprehensive healing at many levels. Learn creative ways to bring Reiki benefits into your life and open up doors. Reiki initiations have the potential for opening up your psychic pathways giving you benefits to last a lifetime.  This class will include practical applications & materials. Be attuned to the beginning level Reiki symbols. Learn about Reiki, the benefits to you & others and how it is used. Conducting healing sessions for yourself and others as well as protecting yourself. Practice on each other in class to get experience using Reiki.

Reiki Level Two
Prerequisite: Reiki Level One
Review and continued discussion on ways to to use Reiki healing energy. Receive the initiation for 5 additional Reiki symbols including the long distance healing symbol which can be used to send Reiki remotely to past, present and future. 

• Be able to do emotional, mental healing for addictive behaviors.

• Long distance healing, past, present & future.

• Empower your goals, affirmations and shift your consciousness.

• Healing from across the room to around the world.
• Practice healing techniques on each other in class while learning to sense energy.

Reiki Master
Prerequisite: Reiki Level One & Level Two
As a Reiki Master you will find the additional healing energy, symbols & techniques will add value to your own personal healing as well as your skills as a healer. Treatment for yourself & others will be greatly improved as well as treating those long distance. The added ability to pass Reiki along to friends and family is a plus too, but it is not required to pass the training on. You can use this amazing healing energy to increase your vibration & those around you, adding to the vibration of the planet too! Come and experience the magic of Reiki Mastership!

Classes & Healing sessions are at three locations!
Now in San Clemente! Call for location (949) 293-9158

WHERE:       128 East 18th Street
                       Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Email:             debbie@delriohealing.com
Phone:             949-293-9158

                   School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences
                              18271 McDurmott West, Suite H
                       Irvine, California 92614
Phone:            949-752-5272

Website:          www.smhas.com
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